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HR Madison is a powerful team of professionals in the sphere of human resources management and specially talent acquisition consultancy in IT field. Our experience and the fact that we are well aware of the delicacy of such services could lower your risk of hiring the wrong person. Being our partner you could hire the employees who best fit the open job position without losing time interviewing inappropriate or unqualified candidates. By finding creative, talented and motivated personnel we will help you realize your new projects or ideas. We identify the professional and personal characteristics of candidates, guiding them to the right position so that they can be your long-standing employees.


Our recruiters have specialized in talent acquisition in the field of IT, Marketing, Business Development etc.


We are working hard on delivering the requested service in a timely manner.

Competitive Conditions

One of our advantages is that we offer competitive price terms.


Our consultants can be very helpful to your HR team or thoroughly substitute its talent search and acquisition duties. We provide suitable job candidates for the open positions in a professional manner pointing out and explaining the benefits of being your employee.

We are a responsible partner and prioritize the most urgent positions independently of how difficult and time-consuming it is to fulfill them.
The main focus is on Information and Communication Technology, Marketing and Sales, Accounting, Industrial Automation. We possess a constantly growing database of IT specialists, marketing experts, business developers etc. which makes it possible for us to fulfill your talent needs. Our experience is mainly in the above segments but we can provide candidates in different fields including Energetics, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Medicine, Economics etc.

Information and Communication Technology
We are specialized in this sphere and can easily judge what the perfect candidate looks like.
We have recruitment experience in the field of Marketing and Sales.
Customer Service/Support
The above services are most often object of business outsourcing which is very well developed in Bulgaria.
Bulgaria is full of talented engineers looking for job opportunities.

Our Team

A strong team with years of experience

Ivelina Ancheva


Expert in IT recruitment who makes no compromise with quality.

Aleksandar Nikolov


Senior Recruiter and a key driving force in the company.

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